Tania Saba, Marie-Thérèse Chicha, Gaelle Cachat-Rosset, Felix Ballesteros et Faïçal Zellama (2021), Stream 19, 13th-14th International Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference, Bern, 12 au 14 juillet 2021.

Présentation de l’axe

Continuing the engaging discussions around migration, diversity, and integration, we invite you to submit your papers/ abstracts focusing on the numerous and various policies and practices that may help or hinder sustainability of integration results on the labour market, for migrants as well as of members of disadvantaged groups (age, gender, ethnic origin, etc). In accordance with the overall conference theme, we would like to address the issue of sustainable integration on the labour market through factors that may facilitate, obstruct or guide the integration pathways of people from diverse groups.

Research shows that they face numerous integration challenges, depending on characteristics, such as ethnicity, gender, age, education, profession, language and immigration status. We strive for explaining the influence of diverse labour market actors, including the state, employers, trade unions, professional regulating bodies, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on their professional integration and their well-being at work. Do immigration, integration and labour market policies and supports introduced by governments help to maintain successful results in the long run or are they only short run solutions? What are the actions implemented by employers that can have long lasting influences on their career paths?

We will also be interested in strategies deployed by immigrants and disadvantaged groups to make their integration in the labour market easier. The strategies may include educational, professional, work language, entrepreneurial or familial considerations. It could be studied taking into account the temporality of the will to integrate into the labour market and the barriers encountered, for a sustainable vision.

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